"Matrix Magic built and maintains a web site for our packaging business. The site is extremely detailed, professional and is regularly updated.
Our clients have always enjoyed pictures of various products,processes activities and outings."

Christine Sanders Beaudry
Super Pack LLC
Returnable Packaging Marketing Firm
Harrison Township, MI.
"Matrix Magic Shows created a web site for my company in July 2010. Bret was very professional yet approachable with ideas, insights and creative ability. He did an excellent job understanding my needs of my business. He was quick to get back and be current. There was no chasing him for deadlines. His rates are fair and the personal attention would be far better than anyone else could offer. Overall, Bret has an excellent work ethic and a friendly personality."

Colette Furlong
Goldentymes LLC / In-Home Senior Care
"I have built and maintain various web sites including my own company, Matrix Magic Shows. Having a full understanding of the dynamics of advertising, making things "pop" and implementing user friendly designs I am able to help clients with their web site needs. As the artistic creator and maintenance source for the web sites I design, my clients can be assured personal, dependable service for a fair price. As my clients will attest . . . "Matrix Magic Shows"."

Bret Beaudry
Matrix Magic Shows LLC
Harrison Township, MI,
Magic Web Sites
Super Pack LLC
Matrix Magic Shows
Active Sites We Built;
Michigan Magic Santa
Sintisa Dance
Superman Of Hockey
motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009029.jpg motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009028.jpg motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009027.jpg motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009026.jpg motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009025.jpg motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009024.jpg
Bret Beaudry applied self taught web site building skills in January of 2000 for his packaging
company; www.propackllc.com. The site was fully operational in March of 2001.
b02nb.gif motor_city_magician_-_matrix_magic_shows009023.jpg
 Mission Statement
" To Create Dynamic and Highly Effective Web Sites"
In 2008, propackllc.com became www.superpackllc.com and www.matrixmagicshows.com was
completed. In 2009 michigansting.net, a 100 page senior ice hockey site was launched. 2010
designs include goldentymes.com, an in-home senior care service, bretskymagic.com, a tribal
dance product site; awakeelements.info. In 2011 ponchos restaurant was created and launched.
Our sites are not built in quantity. "The Magic Touch" is meticulously added into each web page
by Bret Beaudry.
Packages start at $650.00 which includes a domain name, a 6 page site build and 1 year hosting.
 Client Testimonials
"The Michigan Sting Hockey Club website is a tremendous tool. Not only is it user friendly, it acts and interacts with our members in all aspects of our programs. Bret Beaudry has taken an "ALL IN" approach in the development, design management and ongoing support, that has made this tool all it can be.

Bret's commitment and over-kill mind set leave virtually no opportunity missed. He is a perfectionist, and that shows up again and again throughout our website. From the graphics, to pictures and other details, the members of our group are proud to send anyone to our site. For those sent to the site, what Bret has accomplished leaves all users knowing the club is not only for real, but it makes the statement that there is nothing like the Michigan Sting Hockey Club anywhere.

The Michigan Sting Hockey Club is the holder of National and World Cup titles and it has a "World Class" website, thanks almost soley to the time, effort and creativity of Bret "Superman" Beaudry.

Last and most personal, Bret took on this responsibility with a long term personal commitment to me. Not only do I appreciate his personal commitment to me, I know his service to hundreds of other very appreciative hockey player web users, also deeply appreciate his efforts and commitment."

Bret, I extend again, my deepest heartfelt thank you."

Sam Cupp
Co-Founder & Lifetime Director
Michigan Sting Hockey Club
Men's Senior Ice Hockey Club"
PHONE: 586 612 4450
FAX: 586 468 2852
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