From strolling magic to Vegas illusion shows, Matrix Magic Shows has performed for many festivals and fairs throughout the state of Michigan. A few of these, many performed multiple
years, are as follows;

Cheese Burger Festival / Caseville, Mi.

Victorian Festival / Northville, Mi.

American Festival, Hillsdale, Mi

Oktoberfest, Howel, Mi.

Fowlerville Fair, Fowlerville, Mi.

Coast Guard Festival / Grand Haven, Mi.

Fish Sandwich Festival / Bayport, Mi.

St. John' s Fall Festival / Fenton, Mi.

Ribstock / Caseville, Mi

Asparagus Festival / Shelby, Mi.

Bayrama Festival / New Blatimore, Mi.

Hillsdale County Fair / Hillsdale, Mi.

Founders Festival / Farmington, Mi.

Baloney Festival / Yale, Mi.

"Make-A-Wish" - "Walk-For Wishes" / Detroit Zoo

Rainbow Connection - "Walk For Kids" / Kensington Park

River Place / Frankenmuth, Mi.

Celebrate The Lake Festival / Lake St. Clair, Mi.

Sterling Fest / Sterling Heights, Mi.

Carry Nation Festival / Holly, Mi.

St. Athanasius Fun Fair / Roseville, Mi.

The following are what clients have written about our Festival & Fair Shows . . .

"A great show for all audiences." "Your attire sets the tone for your high quality show."
"Bret is a pleasure to work with, before, during and after the show."
"You have very good audience interaction skills which add to the quality of your show."
"Your equipment and materials are well maintained."
"I highly recommend Matrix Magic Shows and Bret Beaudry."
"I rate your show a perfect 10!"
 EJ Brown
 Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions (M.A.F.E.) 2011 Convention (950 Attendees)
 Friday January 14, 2011 - Show Case Act
 Saturday January 15 2011 - Headliner Act
 Devos Hall
 Grand Rapids, Mi.
"On behalf of the Best Western Sterling Inn management and staff we extend
 a big thank you for magically entertaining our guests since 2009. You are very
 conscientious and dedicated to your profession and it shows, before, during
 and after each performance. On a "10 Scale", we rate your shows a 10+++
 and highly recommend your services to any organization seeking high quality
 entertainment. Thank you again for the magical fun you continue to provide
 us and we look forward to ringing in the new year with you in 2012!"
 Susan B.
 Director of Sales & Marketing Best Western Sterling Inn
 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 Promotional Events
 Sterling Heights, MI.

"Our guests of all ages at Frankenmuth River Place Shops
were very entertained and enjoyed the interactions and their
participation with Bret Beaudry's Matrix Magic and Illusion Show."
Michael Keller Zehnder
General Manager - River Place Shops
Frankenmuth, MI.
14 - 50 minute shows on the outdoor "River Place" stage
drawing audiences of over 550 people.

"Baffling, mystifying, entertaining.
 A plus for a private party, a star for a gala,
 icing on the cake for a festival."
 Ardath R.
 Chair Person
 Carry Nation Day Festival
 Holly, MI.

"Your show was well received by all of our guests.
 Thank You!"
 St. Athanasius
 Fun Fair
 Roseville, Mi.

"After seeing your magic I got the hee-bee-jeevies."
" I may have to go to church on Sunday!!!"
 Tom H.
 Bayrama Festival
 New Baltimore MI.
 Attendee / "Party at MI. Place" MFEA Convention
 Grand Traverse Resort
 Acme, MI.

"Great Shows"
 Suzie J.
 "2010 Victorian Fest"
 Northville Chamber of Commerce
 Northville, MI.
 Matrix Magic Shows has performed;
 2 Shows in 2010 2 Shows in 2011
 5 Shows in 2012

"The show was awesome! Bret is very professional.
 He has me baffled on how all the doves disappeared!"
 Jan M.
 Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions

"Great show, our kids loved it."
 Lisa K.
 2008 Kid's Day (2 Shows)
 MacRay Harbor
 Harrison Township, MI.

"Even in the rain, you kept our kids happy and as
 always, the shows were fantastic!"
 Lisa K.
 2009 Kid's Day (2 Shows)
 MacRay Harbor
 Harrison Township, MI.
 "You are the best, our kids want you back."
 Lisa K.
 2010 Kids Day (2 Shows)
 MacRay Harbor Marina
 Harrison Township, MI.

 "Everyone is facinated by your show. We may
 hire you for a kids event but the parents are just
 as transfixed as the kids. With 250 people in
 attendance, when your show starts the rest of the
 event (simulated fishing, remote control boats,
 bounce houses, face painting and more) all
 come to a stand still until you are done! : )
 Lisa K.
 Celebrate The Lake (2 Shows)
 2011 Kids Day (2 Shows)
 MacRay Harbor Marina
 Harrison Township, MI.
 Matrix Magic Shows has performed for MacRay Resort
 since 2008 . . . 2015 will be the 8th year!

"Bret dazzled the crowd at the Clinton Township
 Festival of The Senses." Young and old alike were
 entertained by his magic." "He is always a welcome
 addition to our entertainment line-up!"
 Mary Ann H.
 Charter Township on Clinton
 Clinton, Mi.

"FANTASTIC!! It was wonderful, just long enough!"
"I have already recommended your show. "
 Sheila P.
 Parks and Recreation
 Roseville, MI.

"Maybe, just maybe, there is such thing as magic."
 Flint Journal - Flint, Mi.
 Front Page News Article

"It is hard to find magic performed better than this."
 Radio Promotional Event
 Peter C.
 WTCA Flint Radio Station
 Flint, MI.

"We were all astonished!
Your show was the best and
way more than any of us had expected!"
Adult 4th of July Bash
Outdoor Adult Evening Show - Warren, Mi.

Matrix Magic Shows is affiliated with MAFE & MFEA and has been a showcase performer at 2009, 2010, 2011, 3013 & 2014 conventions.

Our fairs & festivals shows are performed as "floor" or "stage" shows. Family audiences of all ages and cultures will experience high quality magic including; magic performed to music, audience participation, comedy, sleight of hand, Vegas illusions, extravagent colorful productions and vanishes, including up to ten live white doves and a bunny.

Performances range from 15 - 60 Minutes.
Despite the early morning rain many appeared to witness the magic and illusions of " B R E T S K Y ". With the audience surrounding him and in full, close-up view, " B R E T S K Y " carries a covered cage (above left picture) with live white doves and carries it into the center of Northville's Community Square. To the amazement of the audience . . . the cage and birds vanished into thin air (picture below).
" Magic as amazing as the rides."
  1. Sanders - Fair Attendee
" B R E T S K Y " - Master of Magic & Illusion
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