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Bret Beaudry began practicing magic at the age of ten years old performing for neighborhood friends and family. In 1972, at the age of 12, with positive encouragement from his parents, and also his aunt and uncle, he began a professional career under the name “Bret the Magnificent”. Working odd jobs, all the money he earned was used to purchase new tricks which he would practice in front of his number one fan, supporter and critic, his mom.

Beaudry's garage and basement were the location of many neighborhood magic shows. Bret’s first professional show was for the First Presbyterian Church (Fenton, Michigan) for a father-son banquet. After an incredible reception, he booked a return engagement the next week to entertain for the mother-daughter event. Beaudry continued magic throughout his high school years performing many shows and appearing on television for “The Soupy Sales Telethon", “The Bozo Show”, a Canadian film documentary by Insight Productions "Magic Town" as well as many local news casts.

Throughout high school Bret purchased plans and began building his own stage illusions. While attending Linden High School, Beaudry took every industrial arts class offered including; metal working, plastics, cabinet making, independent study and even cadet teaching assistant. Linden High School offered him a teaching scholership. However, that was not the direction this "Master of Illusion" was destined for. In high school shop classes and also his garage at home, he was always building something magical. Using only the finest birch plywood materials and dazzling paint finishes Bret's illusion quality and showmanship has always been "top notch".

In 1974, a "puff of smoke effect" accidently discharged in Beaudry's face causing him near third degree burns to his forehead. Doctors advised that had he not been wearing glasses he would most likely be blind as the result of the incident. The only other accident occured when a table saw cut into the tip of his left middle finger. After skin grafts and time, the injury is barely noticable.

As a junior, in 1975 as part of a distributive education program, Beaudry and his father opened a magic store, "The Magic Wand". The shoppe was located in Historic Holly's Battle Alley and for two years catering to both amatuer and professional magicians.

In 1976 Bret received a charitable contribution award from the "Order of Alhambra" for his fund raising efforts to helping mentally retarded children.

In 1977 Beaudry traveled to Colon Michigan, “The Magic Capital of the World” and attended “Abbott’s International Magic Convention” where he competed against Lance Burton. Mr. Burton took first place which catapulted his career into one of the world’s most acclaimed magicians. Lance is the feature show performing regularly at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Beaudry and Burton remain friends to this day.

In 1978 Beaudry expanded the show and changed it’s name to “The Gemini & Company Illusion Show” which featured many full size stage illusions. The show performed regularly for private parties, schools, churches, scouting events, as well as bars and restaurants. In late 1978 Beaudry created a very unique illusion presentation entitled “Salute to Star Wars”. Creative fog and lighting effects coupled with elaborate costumes and dramatic illusions produced an illusion show like no other. The popularity of the show spread quickly as Beaudry, dressed as the evil villain “Darth Vader”, performed twenty minutes of illusions featuring characters including; “Princess Lea”, “a Storm Trooper”, “Chewbacca” and even two “Jawas”. The show became a feature form of entertainment for local radio station functions, fund raiser events, restaurants, hotels and night clubs. This presentation also gained him recognition from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. In 1979 “The Salute to Star Wars” show was a feature act and received a standing ovation at “Michigan Magic Day”, a magic convention held in Flint Michigan.

In 1979, with “disco” in full force, “MIKATAM MAGIC” was born. “The Gemini & Company Illusion Show” was contracted to entertain up to six times a month for the largest night club in the region, “The Million Dollar Mikatam”. From the Houdini upside down Straight Jacket Escape, Zig Zag Lady, Cutting in Sixths, Hindu Sword Basket, Doll House and Levitation Illusions to a large variety of other magic including comedy, Productions including doves, a bunny and a monkey. The show was a solid hit for nearly five years.

In 1982 the Gemini & Company Illusion Show also became a feature act for “Huckleberry Junction”, a kids entertainment complex located north of Flint Michigan. Bret also performed at “Superbowl” functions in Pontiac Michigan. Beaudry actively continued professionally performing magic until 1990 when personal issues halted his ability to perform.

In late 2007, “for the love of magic”, Bret began passionately re-constructing his show. In 2008 he took on the name “MATRIX MAGIC SHOWS" aiming to once again amaze and delight audiences of all ages and sizes. In the spring of 2008 Beaudry traveled to Las Vegas to consult with old friend Lance Burton about his “comeback” intentions. With Mr. Burton's positive encouragement coupled with Beaudry’s experience and passion, there was no doubt that the show would be anything but magical success.

Since May of 2008 Beaudry has officially returned to professionally performing magic. Beaudry's mom always told him; "If you do the right things, the right things will happen." Beaudry's success has resulted in clients reporting over a 99% satisfaction rating with many return engagements. Additionally, the show continues to have positive growth each year.

In 2009 Matrix Magic Shows landed a contract for fourteen shows for Frankenmuth's River Place outdoor village. The show drew in crowds of 550 people.

In 2010, with the help of various friends Beaudry introduced the stage name "The Great Bretsky", coincidentally the nickname his family had given him when he was very young. Additionally, with his passion for playing ice hockey (as goalie), this new name would mirror the name of ice hockey's super star . . . "The Great Gretsky".
In twelve years, Beaudry (A.K.A. "Superman") has played over 1,500 games, won 30 championships and has earned over 170 shut-outs.

“Bret is a perfectionist”, “a give 110% kind of guy” and “genuinely loves entertaining his audiences”. Clients can rest assured that Beaudry will continue on his “magical journey”, continuously improving and refining his show so his audiences may experience magical encounters they will remember for a lifetime.

During his show, Bret often explains to his audience, “I love magic and I love my audiences. I love them so much that I have been preparing to perform for them for nearly four decades!”

Bret gives special thanks to the following for their love, support, friendship, encouragement and for allowing his "True Colors" to always shine through;
My Lord & Savior:
My Parents:
My Aunt & Uncle:
My Grandmother:
My Wife:
My Daughter:
My Son:
My Daughter (In-Law):
My Grandson:
My Granddaughter:
My Friends:

Fellow Entertainers:

Jesus Christ
The late William and Marion Beaudry
The late John and Loraine Spriggs
The late Alice DeSmet
Christine Beaudry
Robin Zfenix
Bret Beaudry, Jr.
Melissa Beaudry
Grayson Beaudry
Pressley Beaudry
Ed Stacey, Jr. & Family
Scott & Erin Shurin
Steve Dietrich & Family
Parker Johnson
Sam Cupp
Steve & Chris Studer
Karlene Green
Lance Burton
Siegfried & Roy
Penn & Teller
Jack Barrows
Neil Foster
Recil Bordner
Greg Bordner
Harry Blackstone, Jr.
Rich Hill
Duane Laflin
And of course . . . the inspiration of Elvis Presley
"BRETSKY" - Master of Magic & Illusion
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