The following are what our audiences have written about our wedding reception shows . . .

"You exceeded our expectations and our customer's."
"Everyone was talking about you and what a great idea
it was to have you at the wedding. Magic is more than
just tricks, it's the ability to create and perform those
tricks effortlessly, and that is Bret."
John Turner
JB & B Event Planning - Wedding Receptions
Detroit, MI.

"The show was just great. It was just right and did
not distract from other reception activities."
Scott & Erin S.
Wedding Reception Show
Masonic Temple
Pontiac, MI

"Our family continues to rave about your show."
"Great performance for all ages."
Elsie B.
25th Wedding Anniversary Party
Madison Heights, MI.

"Our whole family enjoyed your stolling magic!"
"It was perfect to fill in the time slots."
"Thanks again!"
  1. Livingston
10th Wedding Anniversary Party
Best Western Sterling Inn
Sterling Heights, MI.
"Close Encounters Strolling Magic" conists of interactive
tricks performed while mingling with your guests. Everyone loves magic and this is the perfect entertainment for; wine tasting, cocktail, dinner parties, graduation open houses and a popular new trend for wedding receptions.

"Iintriguing" card, rope, coin and various pocket magic effects are performed for small groups of people right under their noses.

Strolling Close-Up rates are hourly, based on travel with discounts for multiple hours.

Personalized Wedding Floor Shows are quoted based
on specific details and needs of the Bride & Groom.

"Your performance was everything we were hoping for and more. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Even now, we still hear comments on how great it was. Thank You!"

Chip & Cheri Evans
2 Hours of Close Up Magic for Wedding Reception
Masonic Temple
Detroit, MI.
Chip & Cheri Evans With Bret at The Detroit Masonic Temple
Wedding Receptions / Strolling & Floor Show Magic
Hiring a Wedding Magician - The Pros and The Cons
Throughout your wedding day you will be the center of attention, and naturally your mind will not always be on the general welfare of your guests, especially during the photo session where you will likely be occupied for a few hours. This is where a magician can step in to add an extra, unexpected dimension to your guests wedding experience and give you the peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands, having fun.
A good magician can pretty much perform strolling magic during any part of your "Magical Day" (except, of course the ceremony). This makes a magician extremely versatile, filling in with ease and avoiding disrupting the flow of the event.
The following are popular times when a magician can WOW your guests;

During the Rehearsal Dinner;
Even if for an hour, this may be a great opportunity for your immediate family to be entertained by your wedding magician.
During the Photo Session;
Since the formal wedding photographs only involve selected groups at a time, most of your guests will be standing around waiting or engaging in small talk with family and old friends. This is a perfect time for a magician to provide them with an unforgettable experience while at the same time helping to break the ice between different groups of guests.
During the Wedding Breakfast;
Hiring a magician to perform at each table between courses, commonly termed table-hopping, is another popular choice
thus helping to raise the atmosphere in the room as you and your guests applaud, laugh and cheer. Your wedding day will
feel that little bit more special.

Before and During the Evening Reception;
This can occur immediately following the wedding breakfast and before the evening guests have arrived, or when everything is in full flow and all are present. Either way, people do tend to be more relaxed after all the formalities are over and a magician can mingle with your guests and amaze them with close-up magic.

For The Entire Group;
I offer a 20 - 25 minute floor show which can include my wedding couples. This makes them feel extra special in front of their family and friends and allows for some very memorable photo opportunities. This floor show is typically done after the cake cutting, just before the dancing starts. Utilizing comedy, symbolic white doves and magic rings an unforgettable experience
is enjoyed by everyone.

Now that I have pointed out the positives involved in hiring a magician, there are only a few negatives;

Finding the Right Magician;
I cannot stress enough how important it is that you put the effort forth to carefully select, meet and feel comfortable with the magician who will entertain your family and friends to make your "Magical Day" even "More Magical".

The Cost;
A decent professional magician is not cheap and you do not want to take the cheap route. A good magician will typically
cost about five-hundred dollars for a couple of hours.


If you have the budget and have found the right person for the job, you will not regret hiring a magician for your wedding.

As my clients will attest, you can expect to hear your guests talking about “that magician”, “that trick” or "what a great idea
it was to have magician" for years to come. This will always bring a smile to your face.

You found me and upon booking me, I will vow to make your special day "A Magic Moment In Time".
" B R E T S K Y " - Master of Magic & Illusion
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